Why I support Honor Robson for State Senator.

written by Joanne Beverly, Honor Robson’s Campaign Manager

I often hear that because I live in California, my vote doesn’t matter. It is very disconcerting because I don’t like how California is run. I don’t like how my tax dollars are being used and wasted. I don’t agree with many of the decisions that are made on behalf of entities that have my representatives’ ears and not mine.

I believe in FAIRNESS!  I don’t find the way decisions with my tax dollars being made are very FAIR at all!   But how do you change this if no one is listening?  How do you change this when the only people vying to be representatives aren’t listening to what you want? How do you change anything if your vote doesn’t matter?!?!

On November 8th, voters in District 33 have an opportunity of a lifetime. They have a rare chance to vote for someone who will listen to them, who is not beholden to anyone but the Voters, and who vows to represent not only those who vote for her but all Californians.  A vote for Honor Robson will not only help elect someone who is willing to roll up her sleeves and take on revamping regulations that deter businesses and reduce/eliminate needless spending of tax revenues, but the vote will send shock waves to the entire establishment in Sacramento. They have been sitting pretty secure up there and making it difficult to get them to move on by gerrymandering districts and backdoor handshakes all the while imposing fees, taxes, and other impediments on our livelihood and rights. When District 33 votes for Honor Robson, they will be sending Honor Robson to break up the Status Quo. Their vote will cause a legislative earthquake that will invariably shake up the other districts. It will smack those legislators who are living high on the tax paying hog out of their security blankets and let them know that their Voters can do the same thing.

The largest lobbying unit in any city, county, district or state are the Voters. Voters have the numbers, the money, and, with a vote for Honor Robson, they will have the largest VOICE that no one can deny.  We, the Voters, have not used our lobbying powers well.  But with Honor Robson, you can be certain your lobbying force will knock out all those special interests who have been orchestrating things in Sacramento up until now.

Change in California can occur with a vote for Honor Robson. We may not get this opportunity again because the legislators will continue to close up any chances for the Voters to exercise their voice.

Honor Robson has lived in the District for over 20 years. Her opponent moved into the District in 2009 solely because he wanted to run for office. I support Honor Robson because unlike her opponent; she will work on matters that affect her community. Her opponent has put most effort towards issues that do not help her community nor the Voters in her community.

Honor Robson has never been a politician. Until this opportunity surfaced, she expected to continue working as an Engineer and be a private citizen. Like me, Honor Robson felt powerless with how California is governed.  The opportunity to run for State Senator arose, and she jumped at the chance to serve the California population just as she would like to be served. Her opponent has never held a job outside of government. Honor Robson brings the private citizen tax payer experience to the State Senate. She brings the private sector open door policy to the public sector. She brings YOUR VOICE to Sacramento.

I support Honor Robson because she is ONE OF US, she will get the job done correctly, and just like her name entails; she is HONORABLE. You can believe her words. She vows to be accountable for them.

District 33, for the sake of all Californians, please Vote for HONOR ROBSON for State Senate!



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