Honor Robson exposes true costs of Healthcare4ALL.

Written by CA Taxpayers 4 Honor Robson

California Taxpayers need to vote out Senators like Ricardo Lara. This Senator has authored bills that will not only take control away from “We the People”, but also has placed a strain onto the State Budget.  One example has been his bill that became law:  HealthCare4All which mandates our tax dollars to pay for health coverage for undocumented children. Although this law has controversy, I only want to discuss the financial impact it has on our State’s Budget.

When Ricardo Lara first entered a bill, he wanted health care for all undocumented people. 


Even the state budget analysts could not stomach that cost so they altered the bill to cover children only. The public is more soft-hearted when it comes to children, you see. They also touted a $40 million price tag when that figure really represented a “down payment” for the cost which was quoted as estimating to be $132 million added to the budget every year.


The first increased rise of the estimated $132 million came when Governor Brown signed the 2016/2017 Budget where he budgeted $182 million for the 170,000 undocumented children:


This increase could also be an underestimate of the true cost because according to studies, the estimated number of undocumented children could be closer to 350,000 children which would then cost over $380 million to pay for the undocumented children.  That is more than double the figure indicated in Governor Brown’s  budget.  


Ricardo Lara started this mess when he proposed the bill to provide health care for ALL undocumented people. What is troubling is that he masked the true cost of this endeavor throughout the Bill process. He most certainly did not turn to his constituents to find out if they were ok with added costs to the budget for this proposal. It is now law and “We the People” will most likely be tasked to provide the State with more of our hard earned money through taxes and fees in order to pay for this law that was never estimated properly nor communicated to us effectively. 

And don’t think for a moment that if Senator Lara gets re-elected he will not proceed to put forth another bill to do what he originally intended to do; have MediCaid expanded to cover ALL undocumented people.  That’s the danger of having him return to the Senate. 

This is just one example of bills that Senator Lara has imposed on us in his last term that look to take more of our money and take away control from us, the taxpayer.  Honor Robson is running to stop Senator Lara from purporting further financial damage to the State. She will be looking to reduce and eliminate such power and tax grabs. She vows to inform her constituents of proposals which will affect them and will seek their guidance on implementing laws that are helpful to ALL Californians.

VOTE for HONOR ROBSON for State Senate, 2016.


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