Who is Honor Robson?

Written by Joanne Beverly, Campaign Assistant for Honor Robson.

I am often asked who is Honor Robson and why is she giving up her “day job” to become a California State Senator. I think her recent experience answers these two questions quite well.  You see, this past week Honor Robson saved the life of a homeless man who was dying in the street near her place of employment.  She didn’t think about what his ethnicity, gender, or class-status was, or whether he was a citizen or not, or how he could benefit her in return; she instinctively went to him and performed CPR in order to save his life. Honor Robson will not promote this experience because she doesn’t view it as something to promote. She did what she feels anyone else would do. But I think it shows who she is and what you can expect from her as your representative.

The California way of life is dying and Honor Robson instinctively began an election campaign to gain the ability to go to Sacramento in order to save the state.  She isn’t thinking about the people’s ethnicity, gender, economic class, or citizenship; the opportunity fell into her lap to save California, and she instinctively seeks to be elected. She will be representing District 33 as State Senator, but she will be representing all citizens of California. She plans to do what it appears no one in Sacramento is doing; she plans to make the government work for the citizens of California and not the other way around!

We need to help her so she can help us!

It may not be just a coincidence that “Honor” is her first name. Well, it also was her mother’s and grandmother’s first names. But her first name describes exactly what she’s about. She is instinctively compassionate with steadfast integrity and diligence to get done what needs to be done in order to save California and serve the people of this great State.  How refreshing would it be to have such a person in Sacramento?  District 33 is HONORed to gain her as a representative; California is HONORed to have her bring its way back to life.  Please help her campaign reach out and inform every voter in her district about her so that we all can Take California Back with Honor!


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