Gun Control

The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights are based on eternal truths and are as valid today as when penned by our Founding Fathers. The 2nd Amendment wasn’t a suggestion; it was what ensured the 1st Amendment as well as all amendments that followed. Today our elected officials are attempting to circumvent the Constitution and take away our rights to not only protect ourselves from other citizens that may set out to harm us but also to protect ourselves against the government itself.

Currently, there is a State initiative, Proposition 63, on the ballot for the people of California to vote on whether or not we want stricter gun control. However, our legislature and governor seem to have decided WE can’t be trusted to make this decision. They recently passed six new restrictive gun control laws, thereby making an end-run around the people of the state to decide; thus making proposition 63 irrelevant as they have already decided it.

I believe that we need to change the voice of Sacramento by electing legislators that are firm in their belief that the Constitution of the United States guarantees gun ownership as a right. When I’m elected, I will work tirelessly to ensure that our government protects our rights. We need to stop the state from taking away the tools for our self-defense.


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