CA Proposition 58 – Vote NO!

One reason why Ricardo Lara needs to lose his Senate seat to Honor Robson: Ballot Proposition 58.

Ricardo Lara touts himself as a “champion” for “vulnerable communities” and has sponsored legislation to expand health care to undocumented residents and the repeal of 1998 Proposition 227, the “English for the Children” initiative that sought to end bilingual education. Voting “Yes” on his sponsored initiative, Proposition 58, will cause English learner students to be taught in Spanish because it repeals Proposition 227. Back in 2003 there was a huge battle between parents in Santa Ana over this issue because the school board wanted to force the students to be taught in Spanish. Santa Ana is America’s largest predominantly Spanish-speaking city. [link to reference]

The Santa Ana parents overwhelmingly voted to keep the choice in their hands by recalling the school board member, Nativo Lopez.

“A decade after the landslide win, a five-year study of the effects of Prop. 227 sponsored by the California Department of Education found that, ‘Many of the educators we interviewed concluded that the overall effect of [Proposition 227] on the (“English Learners”) ELs has been positive – frequently emphasizing that it cast a spotlight on ELs as an important subpopulation and on the methods of instruction used for these students.’” [link to reference]

Despite these positive results, Ricardo Lara is attempting to take the choice away from all parents in California with Proposition 58. This is a disservice to the very people he touts he’s a “champion” for. If you aren’t allowing English Learner students the ability to learn the predominant language of this country, how on earth are you expecting them to be able to earn a decent living here? How many businesses operate only in Spanish? How many businesses do business with only Spanish-speaking vendors or clients? You cannot prosper in this state without knowing English. So why limit the language in education?

Ricardo Lara is a son of undocumented parents. He did not become a college graduate and did not become a State Senator by limiting the English language. Why does he want to do so for California’s English Learners? I think this does not serve the “vulnerable communities”. I think it is a way to keep them down. A way to keep them dependent on the government. It restricts their choice to prosper. Proposition 58 should not be supported. Ricardo Lara needs to be voted out of office for authoring this bill.

My ideas for improving education in California actually serves to help all California students, especially those in the “vulnerable communities”. We cannot let Lara hurt our state anymore.Vote for me,  Honor Robson, for State Senator District 33! Learn More


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