Long Beach State Senate Candidate Urges Reduction in Hurdles to Opening Medical Clinics for the Poor and Immigrants



(Long Beach and Huntington Park City, Calif.) July 19, 2016 — Honor Robson, the Libertarian candidate from Long Beach who’s challenging incumbent Ricardo Lara for his 33rd District seat on the California State Senate, will address the Huntington Park City Council Tuesday night on the issues of healthcare and economic prosperity.


Huntington Park, with its high unemployment and dense population of largely immigrant families (about half its residents were not born in the United States), is a community that falls through the cracks of the Affordable Care Act  (“Obamacare”). A large percentage of residents can neither afford the high deductibles that go along with subsidized private insurance premiums; nor can they afford to pay for their regular preventive care out of pocket. The result is drastically increased pressure on emergency services.


While some have suggested complex workarounds that, at best, do nothing more than temporarily patch the holes in the system and that may even be illegal under current federal law, there are straightforward remedies to this problem that include alleviating regulatory burdens that prevent free and affordable community clinics from operating where they’re needed. For example, in California, a licensed M.D. is required to supervise nurse practitioners who work at clinics at a ratio of one M.D. for every four nurse practitioners.


“That 4-to-1 ratio makes it more costly to operate a clinic,” said Honor Robson. “And most nursing organizations and clinics feel this supervision is an unnecessary burden with no impact on the quality of care. By reducing just this one regulatory burden, clinics could operate more cost-effectively and deliver the same quality of care they’re delivering now, and more of them would be able to operate in areas where they’re needed — with zero cost to the public.”


Robson will also touch on opportunities for prosperity for Huntington Park City’s residents. HPC has a cost of living index that’s substantially higher than the average in the United States (136 versus 100), yet median household income is substantially below the average in California (roughly $35,000 versus

$60,000), and the average commute to work — for those who are able to find work — is a half hour.


Clearly more opportunities closer to home need to open up, and that means that there have to be greater opportunities for local businesses to open and flourish. The cost of conducting any sort of legal business in California beyond a sole proprietorship is extremely costly and complicated. These, however, are human-created problems and can be alleviated with literally the stroke of a pen to benefit everyone from mom and pop shops to street vendors, all of whom are faced with complex and costly restrictions on licensure, incorporation and daily operations.


“Everybody loses when local businesses go under and when there’s no opportunity to start new businesses,” Robson said. “And when those failures are caused by those who are supposed to be fostering our economy, that’s just governmental negligence.”


Robson advocates reducing and in some cases eliminating regulations that thwart local businesses from ever getting off the ground. Every new business creates an ecosystem of prosperity for its local community — from the owners to the staff to the suppliers and vendors who serve them. New businesses must be nurtured, and that means:


  • Cutting back licensure requirements for certain types of small businesses, such as food truck and cart operators;
  • Scaling back the depth and breadth of the regulatory agencies in the state, many of which serve the public interest, while others seem both unaccountable and inexplicably determined to deter entrepreneurship;
  • Deferring the regulatory costs associated with starting up a new business until a business achieves profitability or remains in operation after a number of


“There are over 200 regulatory agencies in California which are basically self-governed and are run by unelected officials,” Robson said.


As a Libertarian candidate, Robson supports a wide range of strategies for scaling back the human-made conditions that adversely affect communities like Huntington Park City. Among those:


  • Ensuring that the civil liberties of all residents are protected as fear-mongering runs rampant throughout the country;
  • Ensuring high standards and accountability for state agencies that are supposed to operate in the public’s benefit;
  • Eliminating mandatory sentencing;
  • Reducing or eliminating jail time for certain non-violent offenses;
  • Working on behalf of the state’s population regardless of national origin or other considerations, against special interests whose aims run counter to the public


About Honor Robson

Honor Robson grew up in Southern California and has been a resident of Long Beach for the past 26 years. She is a Licensed Professional Civil Engineer and has been working at a small Structural Engineering Consulting firm since 1994, starting right after the Northridge Earthquake. The majority of her projects have been the repair and retrofit of commercial structures that have been damaged due to


earthquakes, fire, wind and severe weather. She is involved in all aspects of the design which includes bringing the buildings up to all the seismic safety standards necessary to prevent loss of life after a major catastrophe. She is a member of the Structural Engineering Association of Southern California (SEAOSC) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).


Honor has been involved with many charitable organizations over the years. She has helped raise money by getting involved in various events which brought awareness and funding. She was one of the top fundraisers for the Orange County Walk to end Alzheimer’s in 2011 as well as events which include AIDS Walk LA and the Walk to End Childhood Diabetes with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.


She has also been involved in animal rescue at every level for many years, which is one of her passions. In the past year she has gotten more involved in homeless outreach to help both the people in need and their pets which include getting spay and neuter services for their dogs.


Her site is at http://honorrobson.com.


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